Terre Haute Savings Bank

Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement

Terre Haute Savings Bank believes that a diverse workforce is a key part of the foundation that makes it successful.  It also believes that there must be an inclusion effort to leverage that diversity.  To these ends, Terre Haute Savings Bank has established this Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Terre Haute Savings Bank respects and values the unique characteristics, attributes, experiences and perspectives that make up each person.  As we recruit, hire, train and promote employees, it considers diversity and inclusion a driver of its success.

Diversity is defined by the characteristics, attributes, experiences and perspectives that make each person unique.  It includes gender, race, age, physical ability, veteran status and genetic information.  Other dimensions include, but are not limited to, ethnicity, national origin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identification.

Inclusion means strategies, policies and processes to create and maintaining a positive work environment that values individual similarities and differences so all can reach their potential and maximize their contributions.  This means an environment where people feel safe, supported, heard and valued.  

We will not tolerate conduct that harasses, condones harassment or contributes to the harassment of employees by managers, executives, supervisors, coworkers, clients, vendors or visitors to the Bank.  Reasonable accommodation will be provided to qualified individuals with a disability, to individuals with needs related to their religious observances or practices, and to individuals with certain obligations because of their military or veteran status.  The Bank will monitor and assess compliance to this policy.