Terre Haute Savings Bank

Other Services/Fees

Fee Schedule

FEES: You agree to pay for extraordinary services rendered to you relative to your account at the current charges we impose according to our published fee schedule. These include, but are not limited to:

ATM/Debit Replacement Card:  
      First Card $5.00
      Second card and any following $10.00
Cashier's Check:  
      Customer (per check) $3.00
      Non-customer (per check) $6.00
Certificate of Deposit:  
      Replace lost certificate $20.00
      Retitle fee $10.00
Collection Fee:  
      Incoming $30.00
      Outgoing $50.00
      Additional Postage Varies
Currency Bag - Annual fee:  
      With lock $20.00
Dormant Account Fee - per month: $1.25
     Checking Accounts dormant after 1 year  
     Savings Accounts dormant after 3 years  
      First page $7.00
      Each additional page $5.00
Foreign Currency: $15.00
      Plus additional Postage Varies
      Plus correspondent bank charges: Varies
Insufficient Funds Charge:   
      Includes check, electronic check, and external withdrawal presented through the Automated Clearing House ("ACH"); an example of an              "ACH" payment would be an insurance premium that is automatically deducted from your account. $30.00
IRA Transfer Fee: $50.00
Night Deposit Fee - Annual: $15.00
Notary Fee:   
      Per item $2.00
      Per page $0.50
Premium OD Usage Fee:  
      Includes Point-of-Sale withdrawal using a debit card and ATM transaction $30.00
Printed Account Status: $2.00
Printed Check Charges:  
      Depends on style and quantity Varies
Reprocessing Checks:  
      Per item $5.00
Reproducing Statement:  
      Per page $3.00
Research - per hour: $15.00
Return Item Charge Back: $6.00
Returned Online Bill Pay Fee: $50.00
Safe Deposit Box:  
      Drilling $40.00
      Drilling and parts fees Varies
      Lost Key $20.00
Series E and Series H Bonds - Sent to be transferred:  
      Up to 50 $25.00
      51-75        $40.00
      76-100 $53.00
      Over 100 - each $0.55

Stop Payment - Per request:

      (No fee for a stop payment on a HELOC check)
Telephone Transfers - Per request $7.00
Treasury Securities - Sent for collection $25.00
Wire Transfers:   
      Incoming $15.00
      International $50.00
      Outgoing $20.00
  Rev. 07/2018 as to fees
  Rev. 02/2019 as to descriptions