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The rates herein do not apply to deposits over $100,000 for corporate accounts, state and local government accounts, and not-for-profit accounts; these will be quoted on an account-by-account basis.

Savings Account Rates effective as of 07/31/2014

Certificates of Deposit Rates effective as of 07/31/2014

Checking Account Rates effective as of 07/31/2014

IRA Rates effective as of 07/31/2014

Mortgage Loan Rates effective as of 07/29/2014

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Rates

Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan Rates

Rate Modification Rates

*** These rates only apply to THSB existing mortgages.

Access Home Equity Line of Credit

Installment Loan Rates effective as of 09/19/2013

FDIC Equal Housing Lender
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